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Below is the archive of previous front page updates since May 2005. For updates before then, click here.

1.10.12 Two new pages of pictures are posted. Click here to see our family's Christmas celebration, and to see pictures from the last few weeks of Hannah at home, click here.
12.31.11 Final pictures from our adoption trip to China are now up! Click here to see pics from our day in Beijing, or click here for our coming home celebration at the airport in San Francisco!
12.22.11 We posted a new blog entry titled, "Any Given Saturday". Click here to read it! We also programmed in new options to "Like" any of the blog entries on Facebook, or email them to a friend.
12.22.11 We're home! After lots of delays leaving Beijing, we finally took off and made it back to California. Hannah did great on the flight and slept well; praise the Lord!
12.21.11 We made it to Beijing and are laying over before our flight home in the morning. We can't wait to see our kids and introduce Hannah to everyone!
12.20.11 Today we went and took the traditional "red couch" photos at the White Swan hotel. Click here to see the great shots of all the kids.
12.19.11 New pictures are up from our trip to the U.S. Consulate! Click here to see all of them.
12.18.11 We just posted a few pictures of our first couple of days around Guangzhou and when we went to Hannah's medical appointment.
12.18.11 Today we went to the Safari Park... a world-class zoo and drive-through safari in Guangzhou. It was a really fun day, as you can see by the pictures we posted. (Click here!)
12.17.11 New pictures are now live. Click here to see pics from around Kunming and from hanging out at our hotel.

We uploaded a funny video of Hannah's laughter. You can see it here:

12.16.11 Today we left Kunming and arrived in Guangzhou where we will stay until we leave for home at the end of the week. We spent the day traveling so we didn't have time to upload pictures of the day but we did get a chance to write a little about our day on our blog page. Click here to read about our amazing little girl.
12.15.11 We had a low-key day today with lots of quality bonding time in our hotel room, but we did take a moment to upload our pictures from the Stone Forest. Click here to see them.
12.14.11 Today was an incredible day! We flew out to Hannah's hometown and got to see her orphanage, as well as getting a tour of the town and a traditional Dai meal! Two pages of pictures are up: Click here!
12.13.11 We didn't post pictures today, but we promise to make-up for it and show you our outting to the Stone Forest!
12.12.11 Along with the new pictures mentioned below, don't forget to check out the VIDEO on YouTube of the moment Hannah walked in the door! Click here to see it!
12.12.11 Two pages worth of pictures are now posted from our busy day! Click here for PAGE 1... or Click here for PAGE 2
SHE IS OURS!!! At 9 AM local time, we received our sweet girl. There hasn't been much time to upload photos since we brought her back, but we'll post them as soon as we can.
12.11.11 Although we didn't get Hannah today, we were able to get settled in our hotel in Kunming. We will get her in the morning, but until then we've uploaded some pictures of our journey so far. Click here to see them.
12.10.11 We made it to China! After saying a long goodbye to our other kiddos, we flew out of SFO and stayed overnight in Beijing. We are heading out now to fly to Hannah's region where we hope to possibly receive her later this afternoon, or tomorrow morning at the latest. We'll be updating our pictures once we're settled, but in the mean time, we thank you for your prayers and support.
12.7.11 NEW BLOG ENTRY...
If you go to our China adoption page (click here) you will see our first blog entry for our journey to get Hannah. It's really more of an introduction, and a summary of how God led us to adopt internationally. We've also included Facebook "Like" buttons on all our upcoming pages so if you want to share something, or repost it on your wall, you just have to click the button and it's done!
12.6.11 As we pack our bags for China, we took a few minutes and updated the "Adoption" section of our website. If you go to our China #2 page, you can follow the updates of our journey and read blog posts.
12.28.10 Merry Christmas! Our family's 2010 Christmas letter is finished: click here to view/download the PDF.
11.9.10 Here are some more pictures of the last month of family fun times.
11.8.10 Three months ago today, we met our sweet little Michael. He has continued to amaze us with his growth and development. He knows quite a few words and he can also communicate most of his wants and needs through some basic signs. Three months ago he was an itty-bitty, frail 18 month old who was not even 14lbs and could hardly crawl and wouldn't put anything in his mouth. Today he is a rambunctious 21 month old who weighs almost 18lbs, will consume almost anything that we try to feed him, and crawls everywhere, including up a flight of stairs.
11.8.10 This weekend we celebrated Eli's fourth birthday and Katie's sixth birthday. Despite a stomach bug entering our house on Friday night, we had a great party on Saturday with Katie and Eli's friends and lots of their relatives. Thanks everyone for coming over to help us celebrate. See all the pictures here.
9.8.10 One month ago today, little Michael was placed in our arms! It is amazing to see how much he has changed and grown in that one month. We have posted new pictures of the past couple of weeks. There is a page of the first days home, water fun and learning to play with all sorts of new things.
8.31.10 We are finally back on a "normal" schedule and are not completely jet lagged so we are working hard to catch up on our pictures. We just posted our Arriving Home pictures (two full pages) and will be finishing up with our Hong Kong pictures in the next couple of days. Enjoy!
8.26.10 Well, we've been really tired and trying hard to catch up on stuff at home so pictures have been slow in coming. Finally, we added another day from our trip; "Leaving Guangzhou." We've got a few more days to upload still, but for now, here are some fun pictures of our last morning in Guangzhou and "red couch" pictures with our friends, the Hoods. See the pictures here.
8.21.10 After a rough night with little sleep (following a long flight with no sleep the day before) we still don't have pictures posted. We will get them up in the next day or two, but in the mean time, you can check out the new personalized world maps that we recently added to our adoption fundraiser website:
In addition to the custom license plates that we've been making, these new world maps are a fun way to highlight your adoptive family's origins, or they can be purchased as a gift for a family you know. We're trying to get the word out, so if you know an adoptive family (or even a multi-national family) that may be interested, please tell them about our fundraiser website. Thanks!

We're home! It's late and we're tired, but we'll update more soon. The important thing is that we made it, and Michael is a full citizen now. Welcome to America, baby boy!

8.19.10 We made it to Hong Kong! Unfortunately we don't have time to process and upload our pictures for today, but we'll get them up in the next day or two. The good news is we're on our way home! Tomorrow morning we board our plane for SFO and we'll land Friday morning at 9 am. After visiting with friends/relatives who are meeting us at the airport, we'll be jumping on one last flight to Fresno, finally touching down at 1:50 pm.
8.18.10 We're done! Today was the final step in our journey; the swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Consulate. Tomorrow we pick-up Michael's completed visa and jump on a train headed for Hong Kong where we will catch our flight home the following day. Today's pictures are also posted; see them all here.
8.17.10 Today we enjoyed hanging out with new friends and experimenting with the local "authentic" cuisine. See the pics here!
8.16.10 Fun times today window shopping and walking around town. Here are the pictures!
8.15.10 Today we visited the Guangzhou Folk Art Museum, and had a few other adventures as well. The days' pictures are posted here.
8.14.10 New pictures are now posted for today. Click here to see the latest!
8.14.10 It's Saturday morning here in China and we're finally in Guangzhou! Unfortunately we hit some snags with delayed flights yesterday, but after sitting around for a while, our coordinator was able to get us on a different airline, saving us many additional hours of sitting around the airport. As it was, we still didn't get in to our hotel room in Guangzhou until 12:30 at night, but that was better than 2 or 3 am.
Throughout the journey, Michael was intrigued by all the new sights and experiences so he faught off sleep until 11:30 when we were finally in the van for the one hour drive from the airport. After 8 pm came and went, Michael's sleep-deprivision turned into a semi-delirous state. He was fussy, but we could do little things and he would start busting up laughing. While it was stressful trying to keep him calm, it was so cute the way he would laugh at us.
Today, we're heading out to the medical check-up where Michael will likely need a lot of injections; please pray with us that he won't have to get very many and that his body will be able to cope with all the medication.
8.13.10 In just a few short hours, we will be picking up Michael's Chinese passport, getting on an airplane and flying to Guangzhou. This will mark the half way point in our trip. In just one more week, we will be flying home! Tomorrow we will go to Michael's doctor appointment to get the "all clear" to travel. Please pray with us that he will not have to get any extra vaccinations before we get home. Most children do but his orphanage gave us his vaccination record and we might get lucky and not have to get any. There is actually a bill that has passed the Senate and just has to pass the house to make it so that children adopted under Hauge laws will not have to have vaccinations before they travel home. This would be wonderful because many of the children have very adverse reactions to the vaccinations. We uploaded a few more pictures of us playing around in the hotel room the last couple of days. Click here to see them.
8.12.10 Today's agenda included a trip up to Gushan Mountain. It was an amazing experience that we'll never forget. See the pictures here.
8.11.10 We have had a busy day exploring the downtown region of Fuzhou. In the morning we took a walk with big Michael (our guide) and this evening we took a nice long walk by ourselves. It was a fun to see lots of different parts of the city. Click here to see the pictures.
8.11.10 We decided to do a mid-day upload of pictures (click here) since we had lots of extra ones from the past couple days. We also updated the picture of Michael on the right side of this front page (click it to see a really cute version in full-resolution!).
8.10.10 What an incredible day! We were able to visit Michael's orphanage to see where he has lived and meet the kind women who have taken care of him. We also had the amazing opportunity to walk the streets of the small village where he was found. Read the story and see the pictures here.
8.9.10 We have now been with Michael for 24 hours and are continually amazed at how well he is doing. Last night he slept through the night and woke up happy and ready to take a bottle. After a quick breakfast, we left for our official meeting to finish the paperwork to adopt Michael. After we got back to the hotel, we had lots of fun playing. Click here to see the pictures. After Michael wakes up from his nap, we are going to go exploring in the park again.
WE GOT HIM: Today at 3:30pm (12:30am PST) Michael Mindong Lockwood joined our family! He is the most playful, happy and loving child; we feel so blessed to be his parents. See the pictures of when we received him, as well as the pictures from playing in our room.
8.6.10 We know you are all dying to see pictures of Michael, but since we are still in route to him, here are some pictures of our flights to him. We also posted his referral pictures and the pictures that we have received of his orphanage, here.
8.6.10 On the airplane to China, we sorted through some summer pictures and uploaded three pages worth, including Summer Fun, Carmel Trip, and Eli's Adoption Day
8.6.10 We're leaving for China!!! Tomorrow night we will arrive in Fuzhou and the next day, we will officially become his parents! Please stay tuned for daily pictures, updates and stories (as with our other adoptions). We will start filling out our China adoption page, as well as daily picture uploads here.
The last few months have been busy getting ready for Michael to come home. We have not had any updated pictures or information on him but we do have travel dates. We will be leaving for China on August 6th and returning on August 20th. Happy Adoption Day for Michael will be August 8th. It has been a roller coaster ride the last week getting all the details worked out but the flights are now booked, we have our visas in hand and are ready to go to China. Katie and Eli are excited about the two weeks that they get to spend with their grandparents while we are picking up their baby brother. They are also looking forward to starting school on August 16th. Katie will be in Kindergarten this year and Eli will be attending preschool three days a week. It will be a busy year for our household. We will be updating this site while we are traveling so check back soon for all the latest information and pictures.
We got an update on Michael this morning! We were so excited to open up our email this morning and find 6 new pictures of our little guy.
As of March 10th, our dossier is in China and waiting for approval so we can bring Michael home. Please pray for a speedy processing and for Michael's continued health.
Happy 1st Birthday, Michael!
We are happy to announce the impending arrival of our new son! Right now he is 11 months old and is waiting for us in China. We hope to receive our travel approval in six to eight months so we can bring him home. Stay tuned for more info and updates!
Chirstmas pictures!
12.24.09 Merry Christmas! See our Christmas letter and picture here!
12.06.09 Thanksgiving week this year was busy with a trip to Anaheim for Kevin to teach some classes at ACSI and to pick up Aunt Amanda from school, then to Uma and Grampa's house for Thanksgiving #1 and then back up to Coarsegold for Thanksgiving #2 with Gaga and Papa and to work on the house all weekend. Here are the pictures from Anaheim and Thanksgiving!
12.05.09 Katie turned 5 this year! It is so hard to believe that she is already five years old already. She had her first ever friend birthday party, it was so much fun.
12.04.09 I am trying to get caught up on pictures before Christmas comes. Here are the first ones of Eli's Birthday Party and the kids first Preschool Performance.
11.14.09 Happy 5th Birthday, Kaitlyn Alueshka!
11.10.09 Happy 30th Birthday, Kevin!
11.07.09 In September, we were blessed to be able to go back East again to visit with the Dentons, the Squyres and the Dresslers. It was wonderful to get to see everyone again. We almost didn't go because of our house flood but we are thankful that we went ahead with our plans because it helped us to relax a little and have wonderful time with great friends and family.
10.31.09 Apple picking and a Pumpkin Patch Field Trip were two great Fall activities that Mama and the kids were able to do this month while Daddy was traveling. It was lots of fun!
10.31.09 We took one last camping trip of the year to Bass Lake. It was just an overnight trip but it was fun to go camping with just the four of us.
10.30.09 We wrapped up summer with a trip to the Boardwalk and then the kids started back to school in the middle of August. This year Katie is going to preschool on MWF and Eli is going to the same preschool on TTh. They love their wonderful teachers and they love going to school. We are so blessed to have such a great preschool so close to our house. I can't believe that both the kids are already old enough to be in preschool! Click here to see all the pictures.
10.27.09 We were able to go camping this summer with Gaga, Papa, Auntie Marilyn and Uncle Matt. It was a fun couple of days and we took lots of pictures! Click here to see them all.
10.23.09 Happy 3rd Birthday, Eli!
10.16.09 July 31st, was Eli's 2nd Happy Adoption Day. We had a fun celebration of the day that he left the orphanage and became Eli Thanh Lockwood. Click here to see the pictures from this year's celebration. What an amazing change from the first day we got him.
10.15.09 Where to begin? The last three months have been filled with fun times, craziness, kids growing up way too fast and a major disaster in our house to top it all off. In the next few days we are going to try to update pictures from everything that has happened since we last updated but it might take a while. Stay tuned!
Disneyland!!!! Tons of pictures have just been posted. Click here to see them all.
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Lots of pictures of the last couple of days when we traveled with Kevin to a job in Stockton. We got to stop at some friends house and ride a tractor, play in the pool at the hotel and then drive up to Sacramento to visit friends there. It was a fun two days. Check back for our pictures of Disneyland next week!!!
Our first visit to the Fresno Zoo was fun. The weather was perfect and there were hardly any people there. It was great to just hang out with the kids and see so many animals. Click here to see the pictures.
Here are also some pictures from a few weeks ago when the Squyres family came to California.
We had fun playing at Manresa Beach on our way home from Santa Cruz last week. It was cold but the kids didn't seem to mind at all, until it was time to go. They had a blast playing in the sand and in the waves. Click here to see the pictures.
Happy 4th Adoption Day, Katie! Yes, it has been four years since we brought our little princess back to our apartment in Kazakhstan. (Click here if you want to see the pictures from that exciting day four years ago.) We celebrated with a feast of Galupsie at Uma and Grampa's house and lots of the family. Click here to see the pictures from the celebration.
Summer is upon us. We just posted some pictures from a day at Bass Lake with my MOPS group and some of the kids playing in the pool. Click here to see them.
Katie's first tooth fell out today!!! Yes she is only 4 1/2 years old but her first tooth started wiggling 2 weeks ago and today she let Mommy wiggle it out! Our baby is getting so big. We will post pictures soon.
On the 18th, we got to go see Team Astana race in the AMGEN Tour of California bike race. It was lots of fun seeing riders from Katie's country, plus pros like Lance Armstrong. See the pictures by clicking here.
Christmas #1, Christmas #2 and Christmas #3. Lots of pictures from a week long celebration of Christmas. There are also new pictures from visiting with friends and seeing our first snow of the season.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
We actually are posting pictures in the same week that they happened! Here are a few pictures of getting our Christmas tree, decorating and making Christmas rice crispy treats.
Had to get one more page of pictures uploaded from Thanksgiving before we start posting pictures of Christmas. Today we got our tree so there should be new pictures soon of us decorating it.
More pictures from Ryan's Birthday Party and the Corn Party at Katie's Preschool.
We have finally posted some pictures from Katie's birthday and from some "Summer-ish" fun that we have had in the hot tub and at the beach. Hopefully we will have more in the next couple of days. In other news, we have a big boy in our house now! Eli has decided that he is potty trained and is doing great with it. Yeah, no diapers in this house for a while.
Happy 4th Birthday, Katie!
There are 3 new pages of pictures from the weekend of Eli's 2nd Brithday Party and a page of pictures from our day trip into Yosemite.
We have been busy the past couple of weeks working on the house and doing fun things with the kids. We have posted new pictures of the home improvement projects and of us going to Bass Lake for a picnic and a little hike. Check back in a couple of days for the pictures from Eli's birthday party and from our day in Yosemite.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Eli!
Kevin's New Job...
After many months of searching, Kevin has finally found a great new job! While it's not classroom teaching, like we thought he'd be doing, it still involves educational technology. Basically, he'll be traveling around the world installing and training people how to use these really cool digital globes. It's been a real answer to prayer since we've felt God telling us to wait for the right job that could support our family, offer some felxibility and still fit Kevin's unique skills and interests. Click here to see examples from the comapny's website of the digital globes in action.
It's been a while since our last update but we've been really busy moving in and getting settled at our new home. Kevin also started his new job a few weeks ago so spare time has been at a premium. We've finally added three new pages of pictures including arriving at our new house, Katie's first day of preschool and the big moving day.

We found a house! We really can't wait to move-in especially because Katie's preschool has already started the school year. Click here to see some initial pictures of the house.


Last week we were able to use some United vouchers (thanks Grandma) to take a trip back East to see the Dentons and the Squyres. We were only able to spend a few days with each family but we had a lot of fun and the kids had a great time getting reacquainted with each family. Unfortunately it did not work out for us to visit with the Dresslers this year since we had such a short amount of time to be there. Since we were there last summer, all 3 of us families have added a boy to our family, but the boys are still very out numbered :-) Here are the pictures:
Denton family in Tennessee
Squyres family in North Carolina

TONS OF NEW PICTURES & UPDATES! It's been a while but there are a bunch of new pictures from our summer posted. We updated the Summer '08 picture album with the following pages:
-July 4th/Moving Day
-Fun in Santa Cruz
-Eli's Adoption Day Celebration
-River and Beach Fun
-Canopy Zip Tour with the Hoffs
-Camping with the Lockwoods PAGE 1 and PAGE 2
Happy Adoption Day, Eli! One year ago today we took Eli home from the orphanage. It was such a memorable day (click here to see the photos from 7.30.07). Tonight we celebrated with a party!
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
It's official... escrow has closed and we've moved out of our home. We'll be living with family for the next few weeks or so until we line up a new house and a job for Kevin. In the mean time, we thought we'd share the link to pics of our old place for the memories. (click here to see the pics) It was a good house and we'll miss it dearly, but we're excited about the new things God has for us.
New video of Dave & Meg's wedding reception is now posted. Go to the "Dancing" page of the wedding album and click on the second video link under the picture of Dan and Meg.
Here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple of weeks.
We finally posted pictures from Katie's Happy Adoption Day Party. We have decied to celebrate our children's adoption day by having a big party, eating traditional food and telling them all about when they were adopted. We chose to celebrate Katie's adoption day on June 18th, the day we brought her to our apartment from the Baby House. It is amazing that it has been three years since we brought her into our family. We love you, Katie!
Tons more pics were uploaded today! Go to the Summer '08 album on the Pictures page to see all the latest from our summer adventures. New postings include rock climbing, swimming and weekend away.
WE SOLD OUR HOUSE ! That's right, if you hadn't heard, we're moving. We've felt God opening doors for us and hope to buy a home in the foothills. The first step in this process was making sure we could sell our house, and we feel that we got a good deal so we're on to step two and three: finding a job and a new house.
For a bit of nostaliga, click here to see the past "Pictures of the Day" and notice how much the kids have grown!
David and Meg got married on May 31st. We had so much fun at their wedding and are so happy to have Meg as a new member of the family. There are a ton of pictures. Click here to see them all.
Summer fun has begun! In the first few days of summer, we have gone to the American River, Mia's 3rd Birthday Party, and Fairytale Town.
More from back in March: Visit with Jodi,
We have not updated our website since January and it has been brought to our attention, by many people, that it might be nice to see new pictures more often than every 6 months :-) This winter and Spring have been very busy and we are going to try to update pictures of some of the things that we have been doing but, more importantly, we are going to try to keep up on the new things that we are doing. Here are some of the recent (in the past 5 months) things we have done: Nut Tree Trip, Easter '08, Remembering Gpa, Tahoe Weekend, Skiing,
This weekend, we got to attend a marriage conference with our church. It was a wonderful time at Tahoe, and it was just the two of us! (Thanks Mary, Steve and Lloyd for babysitting!) Click here to see pictures of the beautiful snow and some of the kids too!
During Christmas break, we took a trip to the Northwest to see Sarah's brother and his family. Click here to see 4 pages of pics!
Click here to see the exciting things going on at Agape Orphanages International (the organization we're involved with to build orphanages in Brazil). We're about to have our big Helping Hands boutique, this time to benefit the construction of the first orphanage building in Brazil. As always, there's lots of great items so if you (or someone you know) live in the greater Seattle area, drive out to Enumclaw for a great benefit sale! Use the link above to get more info and directions.
Happy Thanksgiving! We had a fun Thanksgiving break and we got to introduce Eli to lots of our family for the first time. Click here to see all the new pictures!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Katie! On Saturday, November 10th, we had Katie's birthday party (and Daddy's too). Click here to see the pictures from the special day of celebrating Princess Katie.
Kevin had a wonderful trip and got back safely from Brazil! He's doing daily reviews with excerpts from his journal and pictures of the sights. To see them, just go to the news page on the Agape website and click the day you want to read about. Or, email us and we'll add you to our update list.
Kevin is on his way to Brazil!!! The kids and I just got back from dropping Kevin off at the Sacramento Airport where he will board the first of 3 flights that will take him to Manaus, Brazil. When he gets down there, he will meet up with my brother, Tim and they will spend a week meeting with lawyers and the mayor of Urucurituba, the town where the orphanage will be, and tour the site where Agape Orphanages International will purchase land and build their first orphanage. Thank you all for your prayers for Kevin and Tim's safety and for the time they spend in Brazil to be very fruitful. Tim called me today and was so excited about all that he has seen the Lord do in the past week that he has been in Sao Paulo.
Here are the promised pictures of Eli's first birthday party that we had at Uma and Grampa's house. We also had a little party with Great Grandma and Ger and with Carolyn, Joshua and Mikey Quan (since it was his birthday too). It was a busy week!
Kevin is going to Brazil in 3 days! Read all about it by clicking here. If you aren't subscribed to his email update list, just send us an email (see bottom of page). You can also see past eNewsletters from the organization by going here and clicking the links.
Happy 1st Birthday Eli! We love you little man and are so happy that we have you in our lives.
We finally updated the blog with some things Eli has been up to lately. Click the button on the left to read all about our cute little boy.
Here are some more pictures that we have taken lately.
We have had fun the past few weekends hanging out as a family. Katie has started talking a ton and parrots everything we say and Eli is walking all over the place and has just started drinking from a sippy cup and eating everything that we do. He has 8 teeth now including one molar already. He also has a wonderful grasp of the english language (even though he has only heard it for 2 months) and is starting to speak quite a bit. It is amazing that we have had him just 2 months and already he is such a big boy. Click here to see some recent pictures.
We just uploaded the beta version of the new site for Agape Orphanages, Intl. If you want to test it out for us, go to If you see any errors or have any questions, please let us know; we hope to go live with it next week.
Better late than never is our new motto. Here are three pages of pictures from the recent weeks. The first is when Carolyn and the boys came over to play, the second is from going down to Santa Cruz to meet Aunt Amanda, celebrate Gpa's birthday, meet Uncle James and hang out with the kids' grandparents and the third is just a few of the kids playing with the kids in the daycare.
We had our first outing this weekend to the Heartsent Adoption Agency "Asian Afternoon". It was an event in the East Bay to celebrate Asian adoptions through our agency. Since we had two such adoptions, we decided to venture out. Click to see pictures.
We are home. We are alive. We haven't updated the website in forever. We are sorry :-) We have been so busy and so tired that as soon as the kids go to bed, we have been going to bed too. Plus our cute little Eli likes to play in the middle of the night. It has only been for the past 2 nights that we all got some sleep. We also both had to start back to work this week so things have been extra busy. We have posted a ton of pictures on five different pages
After being "on the road" for almost 2 days, we finally made it home! Everything went without a hitch, other than the fact that our stroller never showed up at the gate in San Francisco (now we have to wait and hope they find it for us). We'll post more about our travels, as well as more pictures, once we get caught up on our extreme jet lag.
We're in Hong Kong and about to board for SFO. This is it; we're finally bringing him home! If you're meeting us at the airport, our flight looks to be on-time so far. Read the post below for flight info.
Two pages of pictures are now posted from our last days in Hanoi.
We're still on schedule to leave for Saigon tonight, then be home Wednesday morning. If you're meeting us at the airport, our flight is United Airlines #862, arriving on Wednesday at 9:17 PST (note: this will be at SFO's international terminal). We'll be going through immigration & customs so it may be 9:30 or later before we come out of the security area, however the flight is often early so you may want to check the flight status before coming. You can contact either of our moms if you want to coordinate a meeting area; click to email Mary Hoff, or Barbara Lockwood.
Our second interview at the Embassy went great. While there, we met two other families and their babies, plus we saw a few more heading in or out. They told us that unless their computers go down, we will have our visa at 4:30 PM tomorrow! Our coordinator, Thuy, will get the visa, bring it to the hotel, then take us straight to the airport for our flight down to Saigon. From there we catch a ride to a hotel where we will stay for 6.5 hrs., then we go back to the airport at 4 AM to catch our flight to Hong Kong, then eventually, back to the U.S. We'll post more info as we get time.
WE GOT THE CALL! Today at 2:30 local time, we're heading to the Embassy for our exit interview. We should then receive Eli's passport with US visa by Tuesday and fly back to Saigon where we'll catch an early morning flight on Wednesday. Because of the date line, our return to San Francisco should be Wednesday at 9:17 PST. More info coming soon...
Les and Sarah received their call for their second embassy appointment. They will have their interview for Chloe's visa on Monday. We are praying that on Monday morning we will also get the call for an appointment on Monday afternoon so that we can make the flights on Tuesday night. We are all kind of in limbo right now because of interviews and flights. Right now Les and Sarah have an appointment, but no flights till next Saturday. Diane and us have flights on Wednesday but no appointment. Please pray that we will all get everything worked out on Monday so that we can all leave on Wednesday.
Today Kevin added a fun story about Katie and adoption to the blog. Also, we have our tickets changed and confirmed for Wednesday the 15th. As of right now, we will land at SFO on the 15th at 9:17am. This is all still tentative since we are still waiting on Eli's visa, but Yoshi worked some miracles and got us on that flight when we were not able to from our end. Thanks Yoshi.
We have been hanging out in the hotel room, trying to figure out flights home and waiting to hear back from the embassy. Here are some pictures of our efforts to keep us all sane. Plus we updated the blog with our baby food findings.
DELAYED... we posted a blog entry for today about our delays.
Eli's medical appointment is finished. He weighs 18 pounds and is 29 inches long. There is more about the doctor appointment on the blog if you are interested. We also have a page of pictures from our walking trip to the French Quarter, plus a fun dinner out.
Today we've added two new picture pages of our trip to the temple on Hoan Kiem Lake, fun in the hotel and some shopping.
We have finished our first Embassy appointment. Check out the blog to read more about it. We didn't do any pictures today since cameras are not allowed at the Embassy and the rest of the day was spent in the hotel. Check back tomorrow for new pictures.
We've been in Hanoi three days now. Tomorrow, we'll go to the U.S. Embassy for our first appointment, but until then, we're continuing to enjoy wandering the streets of Hanoi (see the latest pictures). You can also read more about our experiences in today's blog update.
We had a little more time today so we posted even more pictures of Hanoi (2 pgs worth!), plus another extensive blog entry.
Note: We are having problems with our internet/email, so we might not respond very quickly (if at all to emails).
A new blog entry and a new page of pictures are up (these ones are from our last day in Da Nang and our arrival in Hanoi).
We're in Hanoi now and have uploaded a long blog update, plus two new pages of pictures (one of pictures from our hotel stay in Da Nang, and another of pictures from Da Nang Beach). We have limited internet access now (because it's $3/hr. in our hotel) so we'll only be checking email and posting updates once a day.
Two new picture pages of hanging out in our hotel room & exploring Da Nang are now up, plus the 1st pictures of Eli smiling!
We posted a page of pictures for Diane and her friend, Laura (the other people traveling with us). Click here to see some of their pics.
We just posted pics from the G&R ceremony, plus we added to the blog so make sure to check them both out.
Les and Sarah (the couple traveling with us) just got their daughter today. Chloe was in a different province, but near Da Nang so they had to wait until today for their G&R. If you want to see their adoption blog (with new pictures of Chloe), just go to
New pictures of getting Eli from the orphanage are now posted (2 pgs). We'll put of pics from the G&R ceremony soon.

HE'S OURS! We just added a quick text update to the adoption blog. We'll add the pictures when we get a chance.

The first pictures of our son are posted! While we didn't get to take him home tonight, it was probably for the best...he was very tired and needed to relax in his environment after meeting us for the first time. See the pictures page and read the blog entry (on left). More to come tomorrow.
We just posted our first page of pictures for Vietnam (sorry, we haven't been to see Eli just yet). We also added another blog entry with some exciting news! Click the button on the left to read it.
Note: We also added a new album under Pictures for Vietnam.
We had a safe flight and are now in Vietnam! Click the button on the left to see today's Adoption Blog entry with more details.

Only one more day until we leave! We can't wait to go get Eli, but we're also praying hard for Katie to endure the long flight there. By the way, incase you're wondering about the specifics, our flight leaves from SFO on Friday at 11 in the morning, and we're planning on returning on Aug. 11th at 9am (in the international terminal).

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Click here to see her baby picture
The final pictures from back east have been posted. The first page is from our adventures in Philadelphia and the second page is from the Kazakhstan reunion (don't forget to see the "over the years" sequence at the bottom of the page!).
Now that our adoption is moving, we're beginning to blog again. View the adoption blog by clicking on the icon to the left.
We're home! We had a wonderful trip back east seeing our friends and family. We're still slowly posting pictures from the end of the trip. Right now you can see pictures from our first day with the Dresslers by clicking here.
More pictures are posted from our visit with the Squyres family. Click here to see the "last days with the Squyres" page.
WE GOT TRAVEL DATES! Our agency says we will have our adoption ceremony in Da Nang, Vietnam on July 30th, so we will probably leave on the 26th or 27th and plan to return to the U.S. around the 11th of August with little Eli!
More pictures are posted from our time with Amy and Andy. Click here to see pics from our trip to the amusement park.
Today we uploaded three more pages of pictures; "Day at the river", "Last day with the Dentons" and "First day with the Squyres".
We're in North Carolina right now, but we just posted the second page of pictures from Rick & Niki's. We also posted a new slide show/video of Katie and GG! (Click here to see pictures & video!)
We just uploaded the tribute video that Kevin made a few years ago for his dad's retirement dinner. Click here to link to and view it. By the way, our new user name is "lockwoodsadopt", just in case you use YouTube frequently.
New video posted of our July 4th celebration. Just go to the previous page of pictures we posted and click on the link at the top.
New pictures from our trip back east are posted! Click here to see our July 4th celebrations with Rick and Niki's family.
We're back east visiting our friends Rick & Niki, Sarah's sister's family, plus our Kazakhstan traveling buddies, Jen and Jessie.
We just got back from our short camping trip and posted some great pictures. We also posted pics from Amanda's graduation. As an added bonus, both pages also have VIDEOS to watch!
Check out all of our new pictures that we just uploaded. There are pictures from our spring trip to Santa Cruz, the Bradshaw graduations and the start of our summer break.
NEW FEATURE: Click on any picture to view a high-resolution, larger version. To download the larger version for printing or saving on your computer, just right-click the picture and choose "Save Image As... ".
We just posted two pages of new pictures! The first page is from Mother's Day (click here) and the second page is from various activities in the past week (click here).

Katie has been officially "readopted" in the State of California! Today we went to the court house and had our readoption hearing where the Judge to finalized the processing of Katie's California birth certificate. When the printed copy arives, she will have a birth certificate with our names listed as her parents.

A new video of Katie's adoption is on the web! Check out the website of our adoption agency (from Katie's adoption) and see the new video they put together. It's not what we thought it would be (mainly, they didn't use Sarah's voice, even though we got it recorded at a studio) but it is still fun seeing our trip pics and video in a new compilation (some of the photos are general "photostock"). To see the new video, click here, then scroll down on their website and click the play button.
We just posted pictures from our 1-day trip to Sonoma. We went for Audrey's birthday party and had a great time! Click here.
WE GOT NEW PICTURES! This morning, another adoptive mother (who is currently in Da Nang) was able to visit Eli's orphanage. She took him a photo book we sent with pictures of our family and she also took pictures of him! She also said that he appeared to be in great health and was being well taken care of. Thank you, God!
We finished Eli's bedroom. We painted, we stuck wallies on and we decorated (at least a little bit) Click here to see pictures. Still no news for us on the adoption front... we just sit still and wait.
Although it's a week late, we just posted pictures from our Easter vacation. It was a wonderful time together, making memories with each other and our families. Click here to see the pictures.
We've posted pictures from Eli's second baby shower in Sacramento. We've also added a new "album" directory for all the Spring '07 pictures; you can click the Pictures link to see it.
Eli Thanh Lockwood is 5 months old today! We can't wait to come and get you, our little son.
We have been having a lot of fun outside lately with all the nice spring weather we have been having. Here are some pictures of our play time outside with all the day care kids.
This weekend was a ton of fun because we had our very first shower for Eli. Sarah and Katie headed to Santa Cruz for the shower and Kevin headed up to Silver Spur for the annual Men's Advance with our church. Since Sarah had she camera with her, there are no pictures of the Men's Advance, but plenty of the shower. Click here to see them.
We just posted a bunch of new pictures from our adventures this month. There's still no more news about Eli, however we just received Katie's USA passport; click here to see it!
We got some new pictures of our son's orphanage in Da Nang from another adoptive family plus...we finally decided on a name...Click here to find out what it is and see the pictures.
INTRODUCING OUR NEW BABY BOY! Click here to see more pictures! Also see our blog to read more detailed information!
WE GOT A REFERRAL! Click the link on the left margin to view our Vietnam Adoption BLOG (or click here).
POTTY TRAINING! We are so excited to say that Katie has started potty training this week. On Wednesday we went out and bought big girl panties and in the past 3 days she has only had 2 or 3 accidents. It is so amazing to think that she is old enough to not be in diapers all the time already!
We just added lots of pictures from our Christmas break. Click here to check out all the pictures of Christmas, the snow and other outings we went on as a family.

Our "Helping Hands" boutique fundraisers are finished. We had a great time meeting all the customers and sharing our story. We were also blessed by the ways God provided donors as well as shoppers. In all, it was a very successful fundraiser; thanks, everyone! If you didn't get a chance to stop by, but you still want to buy something, click the "Shop On-line" link to the left for tons of great items you can buy on our site.

11.23.06 Our boutique made it in the newspaper! Actually, the main story in the paper is about our adoption (they wanted a public interest story), but they also put in a piece about the boutique. (Click here to see the stories and images of the pages) The fun part about it all is that the editor let us write the articles; it's the first time we've ever been "published". =D

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, KATIE! Click here to see all the pictures from Katie's birthday celebrations in Santa Cruz and in Sac.

11.11.06 Welcome baby Megan Rae! See the pictures here.
10.31.06 On November 3rd, a new movie about a fictional Kazakh journalist was released world-wide. The problem is that the creater and star of the film (Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA "Ali G", AKA "Borat") is not from Kazakhstan and has in fact never even been there (the "local" portions of the film were shot in Romania). Cohen presents so many inaccurate and politically incorrect depictions of the country that it's hard to find any truth in it all. On the other hand, the film has created quite a stir, leaving many people curious about Kazakhstan. The Kazakh government has now placed enormous ads in the New York Times and has aired big-budget TV commercials about the country (a major motion picture called "Nomad" is also coming soon). In addition, there has been a lot of news coverage about the country and it's depiction in the movie (See in informative newscast by CBC and another by ABC). Also, you can read more about Kazakhstan's rising popularity in Almaty and Astana (where Katie is from). Whatever happens, please help spread the word to others that the movie's depiction of Kazakhstan and it's people is 100% fictional.
We're in full swing getting items ready for our Helping Hands Gift Boutique adoption fundraiser. We've added a new website for the fundraiser with dates, times, locations & an on-line store!
Our new Adoption BLOG is up! This page will have all the latest updates and information about our adoption. To access it, just click the new icon in the left margin of any page.
We've changed the Adoption page to include a new section for our Vietnam adoption. Check back often as we'll be adding new content regularly.
This past weekend we had fun attending a picnic put on by our local adoption agency. It was so much fun seeing all the other children recently adopted from China, Guatamla and more. Click here to see pictures!
New pictures from our camping trip are posted. Click here!
WAITING FOR OUR SECOND CHILD... That's right, we are in the process of waiting for the referral of our second child from Vietnam. Today we got our fingerprinting for INS, marking the final step in our application process; now we're just waiting! More info is coming soon along with a re-designed Adoption page, so stay tuned.
ALOHA! We had a great trip to Hawaii with Kevin's family. We have lots of new pictures so Click here to see all the pages!
NEW LOOK! We hope you like the new look of our site!
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
We have had a busy last couple of weeks! There are three new photo albums posted for you to view; our recent vacation to Tahoe, a memorial service for Kevin's grandpa, and a wedding for a friend. Click around and enjoy.
We're busy working on the computer these days as we have recently taken over the ownership of a website business from Lisa, one of Kevin's relatives. It's a resourse site for child-related things (especially daycare) in the Sacramento region and it's called! Check it out and give us feedback. If you're a resident of the greater Sacramento area, please refer us to any parents or business owners you know; we'd love the help!
Today marks exactly one year since Katie has been with us in the U.S. It's so much fun thinking back to that day we arrived on the airplane with our new bundle of joy. To reminisce with us, click here to see the picture page from that day.
Happy 4th of July! We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Ours was very low-key. We spent the day at home together, then enjoyed an afternoon/evening with our church as we had a BBQ and lit off fireworks together.
One year ago yesterday, we were sitting in the Director's Office at the Baby House, when the nurse brought Katie into meet us for the first time. Our hearts melted at the site of this adorable little girl, grinning ear to ear, who was going to be our daughter. Over this past year, Katie has continued to amaze us with her funny antics, her sweet kisses and her desire to explore. We feel like we have always had her in our lives and can not imagine a day without our beautiful daughter. She is now 18 months old, growing by leaps and bounds, learning something new every day and stealing our hearts more every day. We continuously thank the Lord for knitting our family together in such an awesome way. To the pictures from our first day together as a family click here.
Mother's Day pictures are now posted.
Last weekend we had a great time in Santa Cruz attending Kevin's graduation from his credentialing program. While we were there, we also got to take Katie to the beach for the first time. See the pictures!
Sarah and Katie made the front page of the website for All God's Children International, our adoption agency! Click the link above, or view an image of it here (incase they've already changed pictures)
It's been a busy, but fun weekend! We've posted two new pages of pictures; one with Kaite and friends, and another of our ski trip!
We are finally getting around to posting lots of pictures (two full pages) of our fun time with the Dresslers with the girls in matching dresses, plus some of Katie's first Easter.
HAPPY REFERRAL DAY, KATIE! On April 14th, 2005 we got our referal for a Kazakh baby. Now, exactly one year later, we have the happiest, most energetic little girl who brings us so much joy!
Katie is turning into quite a fun little girl. She is growing up fast and we are trying as hard as we can to capture every moment on camera (either still or video). Here are some of the latest of our little girl.
Congratulations to Rick and Niki who are the proud new parents of a very beautiful and very healthy little Genavieve Grace. To see their website and all the pictures from the entrustment ceremony, click here. We are so happy for you guys!
We posted a new page of misc. pictures from March. It's been a busy last few weeks, especially now that Kaite is walking, but it sure is fun!
KATIE IS WALKING!!! This is really big news since most of her younger friends have already taken this "big step." It started a couple weeks ago with a few brave steps here and there, but today, she began walking all over the house. She is VERY proud of herself!
New Pictuers Added! Click here to see all the recent photos. As you can tell, we've been updating this site a lot more lately.

Happy Valentines Day! We hope it was a special day for you. We celebrated a day early and got to go on a nice date. Actually we were celebrating our 10th anniversary of being a couple. We added TWO new picture pages; one with Valentines/Date Pictures and another one with some misc. pictures including Katies First Steps!

We had a great time today, exploring the Sacramento Zoo, Fairy Tale Town and the Towe Auto Museum. See the pictures here!
We've uploaded a new page with some misc. pictures from January.
We just found out that Jen, Jesse and Anelle are going to come visit us at Easter! If you don't know, Jen and Jesse are the couple who was in Kazakhstan with us on our trip. Their daughter Anelle was from the same "baby house" and is only two weeks older than Katie.
Wow! It has been a while since we've put something new on here. Truth is, our computer crashed a long time ago, and we have just got things up and running again. Now that we're back on, we'll be posting info very soon, so stay tuned! We've already posted our most recent pictures of our trip to Rancho Seco Lake. Click here!
On Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went hiking at Folsom Lake. It was so much fun taking Katie on her first hike. See all the great pictures here! We've also added two new categories on the picture page to help keep things organized.
Happy 1st Birthday, Katie!!! We had an exciting weekend celebrating her birthday with a party on Sunday afternoon. We also had her dedicated at our church that morning. It was a busy but fun filled day. Thanks to all of our friends and family who were able to make it up for the day.
Congratulations Stewart family! A family that we have gotten to know well through our agency will be traveling to Kazakhstan very soon! To check out their site, click here.
So it has been a full month since we have updated the website... I guess we are officially parents without a minute of spare time. Here are a sampling of pictures from our last month. As you can see, Katie is growing a ton and is really getting a fun personality.
After being busy for a couple weeks, we've finally been able to update the site again. Click here to see all of our recent adventures, including dinner with a wonderful Kazakh family we met in town.
We got some new pictures of Anelle (the family that we traveled in Kazakhstan with) and thought you might like to see them as well. Thanks Jen and Jesse!
The weeks seem to fly by lately as we settle into our routines of the new school year and life of a family of three. Katie is now 10 months old and changing daily. We had actually taken some pictures of her at 9 months old that we hadn't posted until today. Also check out a sampling of new pictures of her here.
This weekend we went to Carmel for a Cross Country meet for the team that Kevin is coaching. Check out the pictures of the Bradshaw team and Sarah's little sister who was running in the same race.
We celebrated the three day weekend by taking Katie on her first camping trip to Fallen Leaf Lake with her Grandma and Papa. Check out all the fun pictures here.
Today was Kevin's first day of student teaching in the second grade at Elitha Donner Elementary (click to see the school's site). Although he is already teaching at Bradshaw Christian, he has to teach a minimum of four weeks in a public school classroom to complete his credential requirements and finally be done.
We just posted pictures from the Bridge-to-Bridge race. We had fun going to watch all the fast boats for our 3rd year in a row, however we didn't stay as long as in years past because Katie only lasted so long in the 105 degree heat. Click here to see what we saw.


We made it through Katie's first doctor's appointment. He said that Katie looked great and was appropriatly developed for her age. We began getting her new vacinations and started some blood work to determine if she has anything that we need to be aware of. There is a new page of pictures posted with some fun shots from daily life.
Katie has been with us 24/7 for exactly one month! And what an incredible month it's been. We have been through so much together, both in Kazakhstan and in America. Many times when we're holding her or playing together, it feels as if she's always been ours. We are very proud and happy parents. Happy "gotcha-day" Katie! Also, we've posted new pictures of getting settled in.
We just added pictures from Katie's first time at church. It was a wonderful day with our church family as we introduced Katie to lots of new people. We were also able to attend the church swim party and baptism later in the day. Katie's favorite part was splashing her feet in the pool while watching everyone getting "dunked."
We've also resized things on this front page to make room for more lengthy updates so you can read more with less clicking. =D
We set up a new index page under the Pictures link called "At Home with Katie." This is where we will be posting all the pictures of Kaite since we arrived home. To see the first set that have been added, you can click here.
Our friends David and Carolyn had a baby boy while we were gone. His name is Joshua David Quan. Click here to see all his cute premie pictures on their personal website,
A new update letter about our journey home has just been posted and e-mailed. Click here to read it.
  Click here to see previous update letters in the previous format




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