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Guangzhou Shopping District...
Today we ventured out on foot to a shopping district. It was fun to be able to explore somewhere away from Shamain Island (the hotel district) and see a little more of Guangzhou. We crossed over the busy freeway via a huge pedestrian bridge and then entered into the traditional medicine district. Shop after shop had barrels of all sorts of traditional herbs, spices and dried animals that are used to create Eastern-style medicines. It was amazing to see the traditional medicines that are still used to this day to treat all sorts of ailments.
As we moved out of the medicine district, we walked through the pet shop district. We were not completely sure that every animal being sold was going to be used as a pet, but most of them looked like they would probably be loved and not consumed. After hopping over one more street, we suddenly entered into a compleately different world; one where everything had been totally remodeled. Every store front and every side walk was made to be sparkling new in preperation for the Asian games which will be here in November.
Dinner tonight was a fun experience as well. We went back to the American diner an early meal, but one by one, the tables around us filled up with other adoptive parents. Although we were at different tables, we all started talking across the isles. Some had already been in China for a week and others had just arrived and received their children hours before! It was fun talking about similar experiences and gawking over how cute each other's children were.

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Happy boy going for a walk in the baby wrap

He loves being on the move

One of the cutest sites on Shamain Island...

was a preschool class of two year olds going for a walk

The canal outside our hotel

A major overpass for pedestrians

The traditional medicine district in the old part of town

A little bit of the old and a little bit of the new

We are often given strange looks from the locals

The totally renovated shopping district

Collecting recylables looks similar all over the world

The mamas and their boys

A mega mall that was all pearls, jems and jewelry

It was crazy how huge it was

Look who put something in his mouth today!

"Oooh, Mama. Let me see!"


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