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Goodbye Fuzhou... Hello Guangzhou
After arriving in Guangzhou late last night, we had to be ready by 10 am this morning for Michael's medical check-up. In our Kazakhstan and Vietnam, we've been the the only adoptive family at the clinic, but today was very different. With China being such a large adoption country, there is one clinic in town that does all the check-ups for U.S. families… and it's huge! The place was teaming with families and their newly adopted Chinese children. Most of the families were adopting special-needs children; we saw kids with back problems, vision problems, limb deformities and even one older boy that had CP. It was very moving seeing all the children that previously didn't have any hope, and what new, exciting lives suddenly lay before them. Orphans in China have a bad enough stigma in society as is, but those with handicaps have even less hope because it is not very common for them to receive treatment or therapy.
Following the medical appointment, we filled out some paperwork for the consulate, then Michael took a long nap to get over all the shots he received. In the afternoon, we found our hotel's "Kid Palace" (a nice, clean room decked out with IKEA kids toys) and then we met up with Pat and Amy Hood. (The Hoods are from the same agency and are our "travel partners" for the rest of the time we're in China.) We had a great time exploring the streets of Shamain Island together, then shared a nice dinner together at Lucy's, the cheep, all-American diner. It is such a blessing to be able to spend the rest of our trip with such nice, like-minded people! (Their new son, Isaiah is an adorable little boy as you can see in the picture's below.)

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Playing with bubbles before leaving our hotel in Fuzhou

Michael loved letting them land on his head

Needless to say, laughter was abundant

"Here they come, Michael!"

Michael thought Mama was funny for drinking coffee

Our first airplane ride together; it was only 1.5 hrs.

"Mama, there is so much to hear and see on the plane!"

The men waiting for our delayed flight

Meeting Pat & Amy Hood's son Isaiah at the airport

One of the clinic's waiting rooms, after all the families left

Before getting shots...

Michael thought it was a pretty cool place

Isaiah watching the boats on the river

Mama and Michael enjoying the cool breeze

Shamain Island in Guangzhou; it's very different here!

Dinner at Lucy's with the Hoods


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