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Preschool Corn Party ...
Katie, Eli and Sarah attended the Corn party at Katie's preschool. They had been studying corn and its various uses in class for a few weeks and the culmination of their study was a corn party where the whole family was invited to attend. They had a corn tasting station where kids were alowed to try corn nuts, corn chips, candy corn, popcorn, and frozen corn. They were supposed to mark which was their favorite way to eat corn on the corn chart (our kids just wanted to eat and not do any graphing). They also played with corn starch and water which is alway great fun. It is an incredible substance that when it has pressure put against it, it is hard as a rock but when you stop putting pressure against it, it turns to liquid. They had a great time getting messy with Miss Karin and the other kids.

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Our beautiful little bunny

Eli thinks that he should go to preschool, too

The bike area

The corn tasting station

All the families at the corn party

Katie and Eli test all the corn stuff they had for lunch

Miss Karin and the kids play with corn starch & water

If you have never played with it, you should try

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