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China Bound ...
August 6th-7th, 2010
When we decided to adopt from China, one of the big decisions that we had to make was whether or not Katie and Eli would be traveling with us. After months of prayer and discussion, we decided that it would be best for the kids to stay with their grandparents while we traveled to China to get Michael. As hard as it is for us to say goodbye to them for two long weeks, we know that they will have fun with both sets of grandparents. They will spend the first week that we are gone with Kevin's parents and the second week they will head back to our house with Sarah's parents. School starts on August 16th so "Uma" (Sarah's mom) will take Katie to her first week of Kindergarten and Eli to his first week back to preschool. It is so hard for us to miss these important dates in our kids lives, but we will still be able to Skype with them and they will email us pictures of what they're doing while we're gone. Thanks Nana & Papa and Uma & Chief for taking such good care of our babies while we are gone!

The pictures below are from day one of our journey. Saying goodbye to the kids at the airport was a little emotional, but mostly just for us. They were just excited that they were going to get to go on the escalators with Nana and Papa once they said goodbye to us. :-) They've also become very used to dropping daddy off at the airport, so it was a pretty standard event for our family.

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The 747 in the background happens to be the plane we were getting on to take us to Beijing.

Trying to get two kids to look at the camera and smile instead of doing goofy faces proves to be difficult.

A nice family of four photo. The next time we hold our kiddos, we will have Michael with us, too!

Mama on the first flight: SFO to Beijing

We made it to Beijing... tired after a very long flight but happy to be in China. We board the next plane to Fuzhou in four hours and then we will be in Michael's birth city.


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