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Family Fun ...

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Michael's first Otter Pop

He was pretty proud of himself for trying it

Family worship time

Katie and Uma snuggling

Eli on his first field trip of the year

Eli and his buddy Aaron

Bye, Eli

Checking out the creek with his friends

Michael in his traditional Chinese hat from Nana

Silly little boy

Michael and his Papa

Snuggling with Nana

Katie and Eli decided one day to "go camping".
Even though we never left the yard, they had a campfire, a campsite, roasted marshmallows and
all the camping equipment.

Visiting Uncle Dave, Aunt Meg and Tatum

Eli wanted to give Tatum a hug

And Tatum wanted to eat Eli...

and Michael :-)

The two "little" cousins

Riding Uncle's motorcycle

All three of the kids on the motorcycle

All the Lockwood "kids"

Uncle Dave and Eli

Michael thought that he was big enough to ride, too


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