Snow Trip
This weekend we headed to the snow! Since we started the adoption, we haven't spent the money to go skiing, but someone gave Kevin free passes to Diamond Peak (the resort where he used to work), so we packed up the car and headed up the hill.

As you can see in this picture of Lake Tahoe, it was a yucky day!

We still managed to take Katie outside the lodge once

This was really her first time "playing" in the snow

She didn't quite know what to think

Walking in the snow also took a little getting used to

Despite the cold weather outside (mostly heavy hail all day
long), Kaite had a ball inside the lodge

Kaite's first ride on skis (even thought they're not her own)

At first, she was more interested in the snow...

but eventually she got the hang of it

As soon as she went back inside, she was out cold!

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