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More Birthday Fun (continued) ...

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Eli and Michael share their birthday's and since both
of their daddies had to be gone on the 23rd, we had
a little party for them at our house.

We decided to strip them down to their diapers to
make clean up of their cupcakes much easier. They thought that it was great fun to sit next to eachother.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

"Happy Birthday to you..."

We thought that they were just checking out their cupcakes but then...

Eli reached out and touched his candle
(look at the look that he gave me)

He was not too happy about it (even though he didn't even have a mark on his hand where it touched him)

We finally convinced him that these cupcakes
were not going to hurt him.

Mikey liked it!

"Got milk?"

Wow, he really liked that cupcake!

All four kids in the bath after cupcakes

Check out the matching shirts Carolyn got for the boys

They say "I do all my own stunts"

Don't they look cute?

We never did get the 3 boys together in one picture

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