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Beijing ...
On our way home, we stopped-over in Beijing for a day. Although we had laid-over on our way in, it was only at night and we left our hotel again before dawn. As a result, this time we were able to explore a little around our hotel. Luckily getting around in Beijing wasn't troublesome either, despite our lack of Chinese language skills. The airport train was easy to take and taxis were not too bad, although, some of the drivers picking up at the airport or train station tend to get mad at you if you're not going very far (ours grumped at us in Chinese for at least 20 min, pretending he didn't know where to go).

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Saying bye to our guide... for the 2nd time in 16 mo.

Somehow when we checked-in, the hotel room was registered in Hannah's birth name instead of either of our names, as evidenced by the welcome message on the phone in our room. Kevin thought it was cool and had to take a picture for the fun of it.

The toilet in our room was square; not comfortable!

It was so cold on our walk so we found a Starbucks

Terminal 3 at the Beijing airport is like an indoor city!
Hannah and Mama on the plane - We were lucky to get First, but only because there was a sale when we booked with our miles and all cabins cost the same. (Although we felt self-conscious, it was really nice to have the extra space since Hannah was just on our lap!)

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