Lots to do...

This weekend (Oct. 8th & 9th) we were busy with all kinds of fun activities. At the beginning of the weekend, we all went to see Kevin's cross country team run at a race in Rocklin. The kids did really good...in fact, one of the boys took the first place spot! The kids were also excited because it was the first time they got to wear their new uniforms.
On Saturday, we headed up to the mall for our first family portriats (thanks to a really good coupon all the teachers received). After our sitting, we attended a baby shower for our friends Mike and Steph who just adopted their little boy domestically. Katie really enjoyed all the people who held her and the other babies she got to play with.
Finally, on Sunday we spent the morning at church with our new marriage group, then we headed home for a quick rest. In the afternoon, we were back out again since we had been invited to a dinner with a Kazakh family we met in Elk Grove. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and all their extended family (most of whom were also from Kazakhstan). The best part was letting Katie play with their two young girls. It was so exciting knowing that Katie now knows some other little girls with the same nationality.
All in all, it was a great weekend. We had so much fun hanging out together as a family and getting to sleep in. Every day we're discovering more and more how much fun it is to be a family!

All the cross country runners lined up and ready to run.

Two of our runners leading the pack.

Mike and Steph's baby shower.

If you look closely, you can see baby Elijah in Mike's lap.


Katie playing with Danika at the party.

Aunt Niki and Katie having fun together.

Kaite loved meeting all the Bradshaw wives, especially Amy.

Playing at home.

Katie with all our new Kazakh friends

Katie really enjoyed being held by the grandmother.

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