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First Day...
Once our receiving appointment was finished today, we came back to our hotel room and got to spend the next four hours playing and bonding with Michael. He is such an incredibly happy, playful and curious kid. Although he's physically small for 18 months, he is doing really well. He can sit up on his own, crawl, put weight on his legs, play patty cake, imitate actions, make good eye contact and much more! We've also found that the casting and other therapy he received here has really helped his hands and feet develop. We are very grateful that he is in good health and doesn't appear to have any anxiety about this change in his life. Many times we even got him to laugh out loud, which was a true joy for both of us.
After thoroughly enjoying each other for the afternoon/evening, we noticed Michael's eyes getting heavy so Sarah cuddled him for a little while and he was fast asleep. In fact, he didn't even stir when she put him down in the crib. Hopefully we will all sleep well tonight since tomorrow will be a full day of going to the notary, finishing paperwork and going to Wal-Mart for some supplies.

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Eli decided we should bring his old toy for Michael

What a handsome boy!

"Ahhhh cheeeew!"

Followed by a laugh...

and some more playing

Michael loves soft things, including this lovey from Uma

He also loves pieces of paper

"Look what I got, Dad!"

Although he can sit up by himself already...

it's still fun to hold him up on our legs for some face time

Daddy and Michael had lots of fun playing...

and snuggling

This is the blanket we had sent to him at the orphanage

He loves rubbing his face on it's soft surface

The crib that the hotel staff brought us

Our hotel room for the next week


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