Playin' Around- April 2006
We have had lots of fun in the past month just watching Katie grow up. She is changing from a little baby to a toddler who wants to talk all the time. She has been learning to go down the slide all by herself, climb up on everything, feed herself with her spoon, and say all sorts of words. We are having the time of our lives with our precious little girl.

Katie loves playing around with her Papa

Katie thinks that running around the house after her bath is fun

Opening packages from Gramma is lots of fun

We got to go to the park on one of the nice days recently

"Ohh, look at all these fun things to play with, Mama!"

Katie getting ready to start her morning devotions :-)

"Wow, look at all the pictures of me when we were still in Kaz!"

Katie had lots of fun helping get ready for Niki's baby shower

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