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Visit to Dehong (Page 1)...
We were extremely blessed to be able to visit Hannah's hometown today. Although it is not the exact place where she was found, it is the location where she has spent her last 18 months. We had so many amazing experiences as we got to tour the orphanage and then explore the town. Don't forget to check out page two by clicking the link at the bottom!

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Since it was an 8 hr. drive, we opted to fly to Dehong

Daddy and Hannah in the airport

Hannah & Mama on the way to the orphanage

Stopping for a photo outside the orphanage

One of Hannah's good friends

Saying goodbye to the nannies

The orphanage building was very colorful and nice

Another building at the SWI compound

Around town we saw many different people

Some were going to school...

And others were going to a business meeting

This vehicle looked like a rototiller converted to a truck

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