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Visiting the Quans and Fun Summer Foods...

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"Wow, look at all these toys! I can make a mess
really fast." Eli's favorite thing to do is balance on boxes, on his tummy.

Michael is exactly the same age as Eli (and half Asian too) so we always loved to look at him and think about how Eli might be growing or developing.

Two 10 month old boys

They had great fun climbing under the table together

Michael and his mommy, Carolyn

One night we made waffle cones after Eli went to bed

Katie thought that it was great to eat ice cream after dark, especially since her brother wasn't begging for it.

She wouldn't let us help her even when it started dripping. It was good till the last drop.

Another great summer food that both the kids like

They both know how to eat corn on the cob so well

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