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Cool Fruit & Interesting Sights ...
Here are some random pictures of our kids, but since that's what is on every page, what makes this page unique is pictures of cool fruit as well as some interesting sights we've stumbled across in the city. To read more about today, make sure to check out the blog entry for 8.05.07.

Remember to click a picture to see a larger version for printing or downloading.

Katie enjoying her treat from a shopkeeper...and Eli
hamming it up for the camera

"Here guys; you want my binky?"
He still won't take any binkies except this pink one

"I love Megan! Or at least my mom tells me I will."

Talking on the phone to Gaga and Papa

The first solid food we have been able to get him to eat

"This strawberry yogurt is much better than rice cereal"

A yogurt-faced Eli

Showing off for the camera

A cute little shop where we found some great items

St. Joseph's Cathedral

Ly Quoc Buddhist Pagoda

Some more beautiful buildings

Hmm... we're guessing most American's don't shop here

We found this high end skate shop in Hanoi (link)

Glass bits cemented on the wall form primitive barb wire
(this is the "Hanoi Hilton" where U.S. POWs were held)

This dog is caged outside a nearby restaurant
Lunch, anyone?

The Guoman Hotel; our home in Hanoi (link)

A few doors up is the western-friendly Paloma Cafe

The fruit in the bottom of the picture is Dragon Fruit

Inside, it has a texture like a Kiwi, but is less tart tasting

We don't know the name of this, but they
served it at our G&R ceremony

To eat it, you score it, then pull out the
little sectioned pieces; the biggest has the seed

We also do not know the name of this fruit yet but it
is one of the most common fruits for locals

You peel off a hard outer layer and the fruit is like a
peeled grape but with a big, hard, shiny stone in it

I was trying to take a picture of Eli's formula...

but Katie wanted me to take a picture of her instead

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