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Leaving Guangzhou...
Today was our last day on Guangzhou; we rushed around to get everything packed early in the morning so we could spend the rest of the day with the Hood's (they don't leave for home until the day after us so it was our last chance to say goodbye). We also wanted to take our commemorative "red couch" photos at the White Swan hotel, a tradition that adoptive families have been doing for years and years. They boys didn't quite know what was happening so they didn't really sit still, but we did our best anyway. Finally, after one last lunch together, it was time to say goodbye as we had to rush to the embassy and then catch a train for Hong Kong.

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The boys weren't sure what to do at first...

so they got silly

Finally, one nice picture together

After getting the couch to himself, Michael warmed up

"Look at me, guys"

"Ya... I'm cool"

A standard sight; Michael belly-laughing at himself

One last picture

The Hood family (minus their other children)

And a group shot

Mama, Daddy and Michael

At the White Swan's play room (sponsored by Mattel)

A quick stop at the local Starbucks; it was exactly the same as U.S. Starbucks... it even smelled the same!

Michael randomly started helping us pack our stuff before leaving the hotel; he's very observant

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