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Getting Eli ...
On July 30th at 9:30 in the morning, we took Eli Thanh into our arms forever. It was a bitter sweet experience because we could tell he was truly loved by all his caregivers. We really felt bad for him; it must have been so traumatic. On the up side, we were so excited to finally have Eli join our family, six full months after seeing his picture for the first time. We hope you enjoy these two pages of pictures from our trip to the orphanage.

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In the car, heading to the orphanage

Some of the buildings along the way

And another view of the town

This quiet street was next to Eli's orphanage

Taking our shoes off upon arrival

Eli was curious about us as we walked in

The initial hand-off was rough...

but when Daddy took him, Eli calmed down

Katie loved playing with the other babies

We delivered some items to Presley from her parents

We also delivered some things for Chloe

The caregivers were so excited about the new clothes

The boys were playing with formula lids for toys

This guy was a complete ham (see more pics on page 2)

There's still more pictures!
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