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Around Da Nang, Vietnam ...
Here are some random pictures from our short time in Da Nang after receiving Eli. While we spent most of the time in the hotel room (primarily for bonding purposes), we did venture out a few times.

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Katie loves being a big sister to little brother Eli

He enjoys getting loved on just as much as loves doing it

Our first meal together in the hotel

He's such a cutie! (He reminds us of Caleb in this pic)

The first time we saw a smile was in a peek-a-boo game

There it is...his first smile!

Eli's contemplating why that thing keeps flashing at him

Just another picture of our little man

Later in the day, we found an even better way to make him smile; bouncing in the baby wrap in front of a mirror. He loved it so much and rewarded us with a big, giant smile! The picture above is of his reflection in the mirror.

There's still more pictures!
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