Fun Around Sacramento
On Feb. 4th, we had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather in Sacramento and taking advantage of the free admission offered at all Sacramento area museums. We were able to visit the Sacramento Zoo, Fairy Tale Town and the Towe Auto Museum. Katie didn't care as much about the animals or cool cars, but she really loved seeing all the people! (The combination of great mid-winter weather and free admission at otherwise costly museums made for lots of crowds.)

Katie and Daddy looking at the giraffe

"Daddy, why does it have such a long neck?"

One of the snow leopards at the zoo

Katie and Mamma looking at pigs in Fairy Tale Town


At the auto museum we saw lots of interesting cars like this one

Kevin's favorite was the Countach; this one is green and gold as
it was originally orderd by Michael Forbes to look like money

A very early ambulance

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