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Hanging Out...
Below are some different pictures from the past couple days. We've had a great time hanging out in the hotel room together or going for walks near the hotel. Michael especially likes the hotel room because it seems like he knows that it's a safe place. When we go in a taxi, he starts to get anxious, but that's understandable considering every major chang in his life this week has been precursored by taxi rides.
One really special event in the hotel room happened last night. We had already fed Michael his bottle and put him down in his crib, convinced that he was compleately asleep. A few minutes later, his little eyes opened and he sat up in his crib with an extra sparkle in his eyes. For the next hour, he had us rolling on the floor in laughter. In just a few days, he has already discovered what can make Mama and Daddy laugh, so he now uses that to his advantage when he doesn't want to go to sleep. We feel so blessed by the simple fact that despite growing up in an institutional setting, he has quickly learned that he can have the attention of two people all to himself.

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West Lake Park is a beautiful lake next to our hotel

A huge bonzi garden behind a unique circular doorway

A scenic creek below one of the pagodas

Sarah and Michael stop for a picture

So happy together!

Our silly boy

First bath (he's small enough to do it in the sink)

Michael loves his bottles

Waiting in the hotel lobby for big Michael (our guide)

Skyping with Uma is lots of fun!

Michael's first ride on Daddy's shoulders


Michael delaying bedtime by making us laugh

A picture perfect ending to a fun day

"Ready, set, crawl!"


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