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One Night in Saigon...
After 26 hours of traveling, we finally made it to Vietnam (you can read the blog entry for 7.28.07). Our hotel for the first night is the Novatel Garden Plaza; it's really nice, but a little pricey (luckily we're only here for one night). We thought we'd be back to explore this famous city, but we found out that this is the only night we're staying here. As a result, we decided to brave a stroll through the local neighborhood before we went to the airport and flew out to Da Nang. Here are some of the pictures of our travels, our hotel and Saigon.

Clickable enlargements of pictures will be added later; our internet bandwidth is too slow to upload big files.

The airport in Hong Kong...notice the sky scrapers

The surrounding mountains reminded us of Hawaii

This was the view outside our hotel room door

Upon arrival, we had a plate full of local fruit

At 5am, a marching band woke us up outside our room

Since we were awake, we took more pics of the city

One of the humble homes near the hotel

Katie was very eager to be up this morning

Katie and Mama (notice Sarah's new hair style)

A view of our hotel from the ground

There's a beautiful pool in the hotel plaza

A shot of the neighborhood during our quick walking tour

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