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Easter 2007...
This year, the Lockwood family had a wonderful Easter celebration! We enjoyed time off together, got to visit Kevin's brother in Hercules, then headed down to Santa Cruz to see family. Here are some of the highlights: (PS: Don't forget to see page two!)

At the beginning of the week, Katie got a
special package from eBay; an asain baby doll

Katie named the doll, "Baby ee-nahm" in honor
of Eli (ee-nahm is her way of saying Vietnam)

Katie also had fun over break playing
mommy with her other baby dolls

On Tuesday, we went to the Folsom Zoo

Katie had fun looking at all the animals ...

but she was really excited to see the train!

Unfortunatly, she screamed when we rode on it

After a few days at home, we were excited to
visit Kevin's brother Dave in Hercules. He just
moved there to accept a job as the high school
youth pastor at Valley Bible Church. It was a
lot of fun seeing his new job, and his new
appartment. We're very happy for him.


At Uma's, Katie had a ball with the bunny!

Getting to color Easter eggs was a lot of fun!

Katie even got her Gaga and Papa to help!

"Do you like my egg, Gaga?"

On Saturday, we took our freshly colored
eggs to a park and celebrated with the
Lockwood side; Katie had a blast!

(From left to right) Dave, Great Grandma, Ger,
Dan, Barbara, Kevin and Katie

Katie had to show Great Grandma her new
"baby ee-nahm" doll

Katie had fun riding a tricycle while we were out

After our picnic, Great Grandma gave Katie
a real bike (she'll have to wait a while to ride it)

Go to PAGE 2 for more pictures!

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