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Summer 2010...
So we didn't get a lot of pictures uploaded this summer, but we figured it's better late than never. (Well, that and the fact that we mostly just hung around the house all summer, enjoying lots of great family time together.)

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Note the shirt's saying and matching earings (her choice)

Daddy and Katie at the Mt. Hermon boat docks

Eli and Katie really took to the water this summer!

They have both been so brave...

although they warmed up slowly at first.

The boys thawing in the sun

Katie is a total summer baby

School shopping for the perfect first backpack!

The big "event" of summer was getting a soft-side pool

The kids had a great time learning to swim

Games are always fun too

Daddy and his kids!

Sarah's birthday was also our travel approval date, so...

she got a map with pins for all 3 kids' birth countries



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