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Asia Afternoon Picnic...
On Saturday the 25th, we went on our first big outing since we returned from Vietnam. Our wonderful agency, Heartsent Adoptions, had their annual "Asia Afternoon" picnic in Orinda for all the families of children whom they've helped adopt from Asian countries. It was a lot of fun seeing so many little adopted asian kids running around together. Katie and Eli had a great time, plus Mama and Dada got to meet some other adoptive families. After the potluck lunch (Asian food, of course), there was a special performance in the theater by an organization called C4 Enrichment; they provide cultural dance instruction to Chinese children in the East Bay. Although the day wore us out, it was great getting out!

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The main room in the Orinda community center where we ate and visited with other families

All the adopted Asian kids playing together. The pictures on the wall are of unadoptable children in Da Nang who need sponsorship; we signed up for a girl!

Eli loved playing with the kid's chairs
(he used them like tiny walkers)

Katie & Mesha playing with the play dough. She is the woman from our local adoption agency office who helped us through Eli's adoption & she's a good friend.

Katie helping herself to the cookies at the kid's table

There were hundreds of red balloons everywhere!

At the end, Katie grabbed a few for the road

This is Duc. He was from the same center as the pictures of the children on the wall. Val, the woman who started our agency, has sponsored him and now he's coming to the U.S. for college. It's amazing what a small cost for sponsorship can do; it's only $365/year. They need a lot more people. You can call them if you'd like to help; (925) 254-8883 or

Two girls from the C4 Enrichment dance group

They were demonstrating the Chinese Yo Yo

These young girls were showing a lion dance

Their costumes were so cute!

Since the kids didn't sit too long at the performance...

we took them out to play (someone liked the sand)

Daddy, Eli and Katie balancing on a springy toy

Eli really liked sitting on it while daddy bounced

"Look at me!"

They had so much fun together!

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