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Exploring the French Quarter ...
This afternoon, we were board so we headed out on foot and ended up at the French Quarter (the area that was developed by the French during their colonization of Vietnam). The only building we saw which was really impressive was the famous opera house; a traditional spot for wedding photos. As luck would have it, a couple was getting photographed right as we were walking by!
After walking for a couple miles, we finally found a restaurant (Italian this time) and had some wonderful pizza, garlic bread, fruit drinks and gelatto (about $13 for the whole family).While we're enjoying the great Vietnamese food here, it's nice to have some comfort food every now and then (especially for Katie).

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When we headed out it was rush hour (this picture
doesn't even begin to describe the mayhem)

Here is the French opera house that was
built between 1902 and 1911

The side of the opera house

The architecture is amazing!

A bride taking photos in front of the opera house

(looks more they're posing for a bridal magazine)

The Hilton is next door and mimics the architecture

This is the History Museum (another French building)

Katie did such a great job on our long walk today!

Dinner at last - they have great Italian food!

Look at these drinks; guava juice and a mango shake

"Mama, can I have some too?"

Eli before...

and after the binky

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