This past week was so wonderful. We had a great visit from our friends Jen, Jesse and Anelle. It has been almost a full year since we said goodbye to them in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We had met while we were both adopting our little girls and became lifelong friends as we endured hardships and joys together in a foreign country. Anelle and Katie are just 13 days apart in age and had a wonderful time running around the house, hunting for Easter eggs and going to the park together. The mommies and daddies had a fun time recalling all the fond memories of Kazakhstan and watching our girls play together. Jen and Jesse brought the girls matching dresses so we had to make the most of that photo opportunity. Don't forget to check page two for more fun pictures with the Dresslers plus Katie's first Easter with all her grandparents and two great grandpa's too!

Almost one year after meeting, we pose for a group picture again

Anelle and Katie had a great time hunting for Easter eggs

"These things taste pretty good, too!"

Katie loves the pretty flowers that have just started to bloom

"Wow, it's like looking in a mirror"

They really got the hang of it pretty fast

Katie, Sarah, Jen and Anelle pose for a Mama/Daughter picture

The girls had fun opening a present together

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