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It is official...
Today at 9:30 am local time, we signed the final papers at the Fujian Intl. Adoption center and we officially became Michael Mindong's legal parents! At the meeting, we were asked questions about our desire to adopt, our commitment to care for him and the preperations we had made (health care, eduction, etc.). Then, following an official footprint of Michael's right foot, it was finished and we headed over to the notary to get the final stamp of approval on the paperwork. Michael did great through all of it; he is so naturally curious of people and things going on around him. On the way home, we got to try feeding him a bottle in the car, which worked pretty well, but once we were back, it was all playtime.
Although we don't have pictures of it, another big part of our day was getting to video chat with Katie and Eli for the first time. They were both so excited to see Michael face-to-face, and Michael was very interested in them too. Katie loved talking to Michael through the computer's camera and Eli enjoyed making funny faces at Michael. We also enjoyed talking with Kevin's parents, and then later in the day, we got to chat with Sarah's parents too.

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"Mom, what are they doing to me?"

A footprint makes it official in Chinese adoptions

First car ride with Mommy and Daddy

Next stop...Wal Mart Supercenter

The streets of Fuzhou were heavy with traffic but it was less than we expected

This man is towing his trailer with his bike through the middle of the streets.

After lots of errands, Michael was very hungry

So happy to be out of the car and able to play

Such a precious little boy

Laughing at a silly Daddy

Our little man

"Catch, Mama!"


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