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With Spring in the air, the we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and have been outside every single day for the past 2 weeks. All of the kids have really enjoyed being outside and I (Sarah) have enjoyed the change of pace during the day care day. It really makes the days go by faster when you can spend an hour or more outside just running, jumping and playing.

Katie and Elijah tying to figure out the wagon

Mia and Elijah are ready for someone to pull them

The quad stroller is our life saver since our park is kind of far from our house. It is also a really good workout for me to push it full of kids all the way to and from the park.

The very large play structure at the park.

Today was the first day that Katie went down the big slide all by herself

She was really proud of her accomplishment.

More fun on the slide.

Elijah playing on the little play structure.

Katie doesn't usually like to swing but today she did

Logan really liked the swing

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