Trip to Rancho Seco Lake, Jan. '06
On Sunday, Jan. 15th, we jumped in the car after church to go and enjoy the beautiful weather. We ended up at Rancho Seco Lake, a park run by the Sacramento electric company. The lake is a remnant of the old Rancho Seco nuclear power plant. It served as an emergency water supply for the facility that employeed up to 700 employes. In 1989, the power plant stopped operations. Now the lake is used for recreation and the facilities are being rebuilt for "cleaner" methods of power generation (including solar).
Although it was really cold and there wasn't much to do (except fish) we managed to go for a small walk. In addition to the lake, the park also houses an exotic wildlife refuge, however it was closed when we went. We also really enjoyed the nice Sunday drive. We were able to explore many areas around our home that we've never seen before. Although we're more limited in our excursions with a baby, it is fun doing things as a family, and introducing Katie to the outdoors.

Lake Rancho Seco

The old nuclear power plant with the newer solar panels in front

Out for a walk

Katie just loves her backpack!

A nice family picture on the dock

Momma and baby had so much fun!

"We're all bundled up for the cold weather"

All this walking can make you kinda sleepy!

We stopped at some new homes on the drive back; Katie loved
her first experience with going down stairs (luckily they were
carpeted and only a couple feet high!)

Katie also loved experiencing what a 2 story house is like

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