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At the Amusement Park with the Squyres ...
Our second day with the Squyres, we loaded up the car and headed for the amusement park. There was a great county park called Dan Nicholas Park that had lots of amusements, live animals, rides and more. Katie had a blast following all her cousins around.

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The park had many attractions around the central plaza

Our first stop was the carousel (Olivia enjoyed it!)

The younger girls were content sitting with Mama

Although older, Savannah and Natalie had fun too

Checking for turtles in the pond

The bear was fun to watch through the windows

He even made an appearance for us

"Wow, look at those Bald Eagles!"

The train station was really authentic...

Even though the train was very small

After a few screams at the beginning, Katie had fun

Aren't these sisters so much alike?

After the train, we went "Gem Mining"

Katie just liked throwing rocks in the water

Finally, at the end of the day it was time for treats

As you can tell, Delaney enjoyed her ice cream

Katie and Daddy both wanted the same ice cream cone

Elliot finished her ice cream fast

Natalie has grown up so much since we saw her last

On the long drive home, Katie got comfortable

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