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Sonoma ...
On Saturday, we headed to Sonoma for Audrey's 1st birthday party. Audrey is the daughter of our neighbors, Joe and Erica. (You're probably asking yourself, "why was the party in Sonoma if Audrey lives next door?" Well, that's where Audrey's parents are from, and thus much of her extended family.)
We had a great time hanging out in the Sonoma Square for the party, plus we got to drive around the wine country a little. Check out these pictures...

Our neighbors, Joe and Erica, lighting the candle

Katie had so much fun!

Audrey was very excited by the presents

What a great day for a party!


After the party, we drove up the highway to find
a chocolate tasting room we heard about (the
"non-alcoholic" way to enjoy the wine country)

The chocolate shop was great! It was located in a
beautiful (but somewhat unoccupied) plaza in Glen
Ellen. We had a snack at their patio on the river.

Although it was a little windy, it was a fun day

Katie and Daddy posing for a picture at a fountain

Katie learned about throwing pennies in the
fountain (she calls it "waterfall...monies").



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