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Last days with the Squyres ...
Here are some misc. pictures from the last couple days we spent with the Sqyures family. It was so hard when we finally had to leave. We really miss having them live near us.

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Savannah (our oldest niece) is so grown up now

Katie and Delaney sharing an easy chair

Getting some "Delux" ice cream cones from the factory

We had an "unbirthday" party for everyone since we missed being around for each of the girl's birthdays

Elliot with a goofy look

Katie loved the cake!

At the lake, Elliot stayed on the shore with Mama

Olivia just jumped right in

Katie even got in (as long as someone was holding her)

After a while, she got even more comfortable in the water

Elliot checking out the cows

Uncles can be great ticklers (so can cousins)

Elliot thought this walkman was a camera

Saying a hard goodbye to the Sqyures

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