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Summerish Fun ...
We have been enjoying the outdoors lately, as if it were still summer. We purchased a used hot tub when we moved into this house and finally have it up and running. The kids (and us) enjoy the nice warm water on cold days. Katie is getting quite brave and swims all over the hot tub. Eli is a little more timid and hangs onto the edge the whole time but still loves it. We also spent an hour or so at Manresa State Beach in La Selva on our way to see our parents one weekend. It was a beautiful day and we even saw a bunch of whales blowing. It was amazing.

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Katie and Mama enjoying the hot tub

Katie practicing her kicking

Katie and her "fish" that swim around the hot tub

Silly Eli

Two happy kids at the beach

It was cold but beautiful

The sun was so bright on the water

Katie had so much fun digging in the sand

Katie tries to catch Mama

Eli joins in the chase

A sweet kiss from a sandy boy

So sweet

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