More Firsts
We've had a lot of fun "firsts" this month. Look below to see what we've been doing!

Katie enjoyed her first time seeing the videos from Kazakhstan,
however, we're not sure if she knew she was looking at herself

Katie did seem to recognize her friend, Anelle;
we kept reminding her that Anelle is coming to visit for Easter!

We got Katie a play structure for her birthday but it's been
icky weather so she hasn't got to play with it until now

Both Katie and Camille love the "steering wheel"; Katie gets so
excited that she dances when she is turning it

Katie and Camille playing golf on the back patio

Her first steps! She's not fully walking yet, but she is getting brave

Kaite has also learned how to go down the slide & she loves it!

"Thanks for my pretty dress, Grandma!"

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