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This morning we left our hotel and headed to the Civil Affairs office bright and early. Despite the cold temperatures, our spirits were high as we prepared to meet daughter for the first time. As the pictures below show, it was a joyous occasion with many laughs, tears and hugs.
If you want to see the movie of when they brought Hannah in the room and handed her off to us, you can go see it directly on YouTube by using the following link: click here!

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On the way in to Civil Affairs

Quick group shot of our group before babies arrive

And the first one in the door is Hannah!

One of her nannies was carrying her in

Dadda spent the first minute capturing the moment

Pausing for our first family photo!

Bonding while the other parents got their kiddos

"Nice to meet you!"

What a great day!

One of the couples in our group with their new son

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