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Last Days in Hanoi ...
As our trip wraps up, we thought we'd post some last pictures from our time in Hanoi.

Remember to click a picture to see a larger version for printing or downloading.

From the top story of our hotel, we got these shots...

Notice the narrow, tall homes in this neighborhood

The street in front of our hotel

Another view of the city skyline

Here's a creative way we found to feed Eli...

and entertain Katie at the same time

Can you tell he enjoys solid food?

Some more bath time fun

Katie just laughs and laughs at Eli

"I love playing in the water!"

Katie has fallen in love with the waitresses at breakfast

This girl, Tiet, would always take Katie on adventures

The bellmen were also very fond of Katie

Here they're playing ring around the rosy

Thu Ha was our housekeeper; she always played with
the kids, and even brought Katie gifts on occasion. Her
English was exceptional so we would have long talks.

There's still more pictures!
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