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Squyres Family 2008 ...
Last summer when we were able to go back East and visit Sarah's sister's family, we were in the frustrating process of waiting to travel to get Eli. This year, we have been home for a year with him and we were able to spend a few days just relaxing with "the cousins" as Katie calls them. It was fun to get to meet Henry, the newest Squyres, and introduce Eli to the whole family.

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We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch on our way to North Carolina. They have great food & a fun store too

Eli loved the trampoline at Amy and Andy's house. Natalie had fun chasing and bouncing him on it.

Sarah meets her nephew, Henry, for the first time

He is so cuddly

Katie had fun holding Henry too

Eli snuggling with Natalie (and trying to get her candy)

Delaney shows off her candy in her mouth

We went for a short walk in the cow field

Henry thought that Eli was pretty funny

A big smile for his mama

Eli and Savannah playing guitar

Eli thought that he was big enough to hold Henry, too

Olivia on the "monkey swing"

Elliot gives a big smile as Amy pushes her high

Daddy, Natalie and Eli rest on the trampoline...

While Delaney flies high

"Let me out of here!"

Elliot gives the kids a ride on the Barbie Jeep

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