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Mommy shopping time and babies in hotels ...
Here are our pictures of our dinner on Hoan Kiem Lake, Katie's new Asian dolls, a mommy shopping adventure and the two daddies in the hotel room with the babies. For more on all these adventures, check out the blog.

Remember to click a picture to see a larger version for printing or downloading.

A miniature pagoda in the middle of the lake

The waterfront patio at the restaurant where we ate

The whole gang (except Sarah)

Katie on her best behavior at the promise of ice cream

The restaurant's parking lot

A view across the lake

Dusk is beautiful in Hanoi!

Katie was surprised that our bed was magically "turned
down" and that there were two pretty flowers on it

Eli is so happy when bath time is over

Look at that handsome little man!

Daddy got both kids riled up right before bed

What a proud father!

There's still more pictures!
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