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This year we were again blessed to be able to travel back East to visit the Dentons, the Squyres and the Dresslers. It is amazing how fast the kids are growing up and how well they get along together. It was so wonderful to be able to hang out with Rick and Niki and the kids again this year and we hope that we can continue the tradition of getting our families together often even when we live on opposite sides of the country.

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Katie, Jonas, GG and Eli all pose for a picture
with the huge pumpkin at Governor John Sevier Days

When you have Jonas and Katie in the stroller,
it takes everyone helping to push it up hill

Listening intently to how to spin yarn

Eli was more interested in hanging around

The guys all participated in a "hat race"

Kevin, Eli & Jonas ran hard to get their girl's hat

Katie was very intent on whatever she was making

Katie's serious side

"I caught a huge fish"

"This fishing is hard work"

Playing on a cool wooden train at the park

Playing is such tiring work!

Katie stirring up her pink pancake batter

Eli chose to make blue pancakes

Aunt Niki helps "Snow White" into her dress

Our beautiful princess

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