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We began today by visiting the Chen Lineage Hall (also called the Guandong Folk Art Museum). It was a historical family compound that was later taken over by the government and filled with local art and history exhibits. We saw many artists doing their craft, and we were even able to buy some small pieces of their artwork to keep for Michael.
Besides the art museum, we also stopped at the local supermarket in Guangzhou to stock up on more supplies. Mainly, we had to buy more formula because Michael has been powering his bottles the last couple days (for example, this morning when he woke up, he drank 14 oz in a little over an hour). The good news is that he's already gained weight in the past week! You can easily see the difference just by looking at him, plus his skin is getting a lot more color to it.

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The historic Chen Lineage Hall

Porcelin art on the roof

A recreation of a traditional study chamber

A historical bedroom with porcelin boxes for pillows

An incredibly intricate ivory carving of a mystical
dragon ship

The entrance to the supermarket we used (apparently
they need to add "& stupid Americans" to the wording)

Michael hamming it up!

Check out these massage sandles; the soles are rocks!

Michael's first ride in a cart (or "trolley" as they say here)

Having a great time in the hotel play area

"Ya... I'm cute!"

"Bring it on, Dad!" (Kevin is teaching him to rough house)

Exploring the IKEA chair together

"Look at me, guys!"

More smiles

Michael trying to figure out the high chair at dinner

In China, women do a lot of the construction jobs too

One of the many colorful buildings on Shamain Island


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