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Moving Day ...
After a full week of home repairs and painting, it was finally time to go and get our stuff from Sacramento where it had been stored for the last few months. We were able to load everthing up in Sacramento Saturday morning, then drive the 3 hours to Coarsegold (more like 4 in such a big truck). The next morning, Sarah's family came up to help unpack. The kids sure were happy to have their toys again!

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The big U-Haul truck

Katie helps carry cushions into the house

She thought that it was great fun to help

Wyn and Katie survey the rest of the truck

James contemplating the best way to move couches

The moving crew

Katie was so happy to have her toys back from storage

Eli loves playing dress up and with baby dolls

He also likes Daddy's flip-flops

"More food" is Eli's favorite thing to say

Opening early birthday gifts from Great Grandma

They both loved getting to open their presents

Cool new cups for both of them

Eli tries to drink out of his Cars cup
Breakfast time in our new house with our new cups. Thanks, Great Grandma!

Feels like home with our sign from Gpa hanging by our front door.

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