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Xiangjiang Safari Park ...
Here are pictures from our trip to the Xiangjiang Safari Park in Guangzhou, China. It was a fun time with our daughter, and the other families in our travel group, not to mention the fact that it was one of the coolest zoos in the world!

Don't Forget: Click on any picture below to view a larger version that you can download/print.

We started the day on the drive-through safari

They had some really cool up-close oportunities

This is a "stripeless" white tiger

And this is a standard snow tiger

Mama and baby posing with a lion cub

We got up close to this tiger

Hannah wanted to pet it

Some newborn snow tiger cubs

A fat, happy panda bear

Hannah was too sleepy to enjoy it

And still asleep

The Lohrmanns with their daughter

Sarah's friend and her blind daughter petting a cub

Some "red pandas" from Hannah's region in China

The Chambers and their son

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