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Christmas #1 ...

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The kids made their first gingerbread house

They had a lot of fun decorating and eating candy

Katie and Eli in front of Gaga and Papa's tree

We got them to sit still for about 4 seconds

The "kids table"

The Lockwood and Andrews clans

The kids couldn't wait until Uncle and Meg arrived

Eli's first present of the night

Mommy helps with the packaging of Eli's new electric guitar from Uncle David and Aunt Meg

Auntie Marilyn & Papa help unwrap, a huge cupcake baking set from Uncle Bruce, Aunt Sharon & Scott

Katie serves Meg some tea from her new tea cart

The kids favorite toy for Christmas...Aunt Meg

They would not let her out of their sight all night

Our little rocker

This is actually from Christmas morning with Gaga and Papa. We technically had four Christmases!

Papa read Eli his new book and helped him figure out all the moving parts

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