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Kazakhstan Reunion
The best part of being at the Dresslers home was getting to have an all-out Kazakhstan Reunion. Not only did we see Jesse, Jen and Anelle, but we also got to see our translator from Kaz, Dinara, and Jen's parents who visited us in Kazakhstan. In addition, we also got to meet Jesse's family for the first time.

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Mary made matching dresses for the girl's special day

"It's so hard to sit still!" (click here to see another shot)

Katie liked letting Anelle swing her

Yes, more ice cream; these girls love the stuff!

Dinara spent time outside playing with the girls

"Look at me!"

Katie and Daddy love relaxing on the hammock

Katie and Dinara hanging out together

Getting ready for the big meal!
(click the image to enlarge and see if you
can you spot all the Kazakh souvenirs?)

Everyone's ready: (L-R) Jesse's dad, mom, sister, grandma, Kevin, Sarah, Dinara, Jen's dad, Jen's mom
(can you tell this is two pictures spliced? enlarge)

Trying get the girls to pose for a picture

"Wait... don't move, girls!"

"Someday I'll be as tall as Dinara!"

Over two years since Kaz and we're together again!

Out for a walk (from the back they look like twins)

Katie hitched a free ride part of the way

"Why is Anelle up there? It's my turn again!"

"These dresses are fun to dance in! Thanks, Uma"

Check out how the girls have grown each year:

(From Kazakhstan Day 32)

(From Easter '07)

(Summer 2007; click image to enlarge)


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