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Santa Cruz ...
Here are some pictures mostly of our weekends that we spend in Santa Cruz so that Daddy can finish his last class to get his Masters. There are also some random ones of friends coming to visit at home.

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Katie and Gaga had fun painting together

Katie thought that she needed 2 paintbrushes at a time

Eli loves the sand and can even walk in it

The "park" is actually Boulder Creek Elementary

Gaga and Eli having fun together

Eli's first ride down a slide

Do you think that he liked it?

"I'm going back up for more"

Two fast kids

Katie is getting so good at climbing

She can also swing on the big swing

Mama and Eli swinging together

Papa and Cameo

Katie and Caleb in his new room in his new house

Grace and Eli had fun playing together one day

Mr. Independent at the park

"Let's see, do I want to go onto those pokey things?"

Megan loving on Eli

Aren't we cute?

Brandon and Megan watching Eli drink his bottle

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