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Giving and Receiving Ceremony...
Right after picking Eli up from the orphanage, we went to our giving and receiving ceremony, also known as the "G&R". It was pretty straight forward; you sign a few papers, smile for a picture and celebrate with fruit (ok, so the fruit part is a little unexpected). The great thing was that our experience with the G&R was 100 times less intimidating than the court hearing we had in Kazakhstan. Actually, the G&R was a nice ceremony where the government thanks the parents for taking in an orphan, and the parents get to thank the government for allowing them to adopt. Here are some pictures from the ceremony (which was really more like a meeting).

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When we walked in, the board was ready with our names

Diane, Clara, Kevin, Eli, Sarah and Katie

Eli was looking around to see what was happening...

but after a while he settled down & cuddled with mama

Signing the official paperwork

One of the most exciting signatures of our lives

The official "handing over" part of the ceremony
(really it's the big photo opportunity)

Now for the signatures of the officials: (L-R) Madame
Chau, a gov. rep and the orphanage director (sitting)

Here it is; our adoption proclimation

Outside of the government building

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