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February highlights...
February was a busy month. In addition to Valentines day, we helped put on a 1-day marriage conference at our church, went to Santa Cruz for three days, and finished Katie's new bedroom (just to name a few). Here are some pictures of our various adventures.

Katie enjoyed her balloons and candy

Daddy enjoyed watching Katie try to eat the candy

It was a lot of fun to let go of the balloons
and see what happens!

Katie also enjoyed getting her Valentines
card from Mama and Daddy

Reading all the words that Mama and Daddy
wrote inside the card

This month, Katie decided to teach
herself how to swim in the bathtub

While visiting Kevin's family, we took Kaite to Boulder Creek Elementary (this was real nostalgic since Kevin used to play here all the time as a kid)

Katie loved playing with her Gaga and Papa!

Later that weekend, we went to Caleb's party.

Sarah and Katie enjoying some Pizza
(photo by Tim Malabuyo)

Katie with her good friend Laurel
(photo by Lem Malabuyo)

Laurel took Katie over to the cake & ice cream

Boy was Katie ready to dig in!

When we got home, we had a package from
Kazakhstan, Katie's birth country (see the twine?
There was no tape; only twine and melted wax)

When we opened it, we were blessed to find gifts from our friend Aigul; she is so sweet & such a wonderful connection to Katie's country

Katie instantly grabbed some chocolate and shoved it into her mouth before we could stop her

She also loved a cute hair tie that Aigul sent her; these are special gifts she'll treasure forever!

During the last weekend in February, we had our marriage retreat so Katie went to stay with both sets of grandparents. On the way to pick her up, we took a side trip to Mt. Diablo State Park and hiked in the Mitchell Canyon area; it was so beautiful & green!

When we got home, Katie saw her new bed

Katie had so much fun on a "big girl" bed

Luckily, she actually went to sleep in it!

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