Valentines Day, 2006
It wasn't much, but Sarah and I did get out to celebrate our 10th anniversary of being together. Actually we celebrated on Monday night since our real anniversary is actually the 10th. We had a great time going out for gift-certificate dinner, then to a fancy resturant for desert. The next night (Valentines Day) we gave Kaite her first valentine marshmellow heart; wow did she love it!

The picture to the left is at the Slocum House in Fair Oaks. Its
the first resturant in Sacramento we've found with real charm.

Kaite knew we were going to give her a treat

She didn't like the first bite, but after that she devoured it!

"Thanks Mama and Dadda!"
(said with a full mouth of marshmellow)

Katie's "baby sign" that means she's all done.

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