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Hoan Kiem Lake, Shopping & Fun...
The following pictures are from the last couple days of having fun together in the hotel, doing a little shopping and exploring Hoan Kiem Lake an the Ngoc Son Temple (aka "Jade Mountain" pagoda).

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Together with Les & Sarah, we tried to find a restaurant that had been recommend by our coordinator... eventually we ended up in this ally.

The good news was that we found a kids clothing shop and were able to buy Eli a hat that fit him. Katie really liked the little girl mannequin and even imitated her well.

Bath time that night was SOOO much fun!

Here's a comparison of our kids' feet sizes

What a priceless expression!

"Hum...this CD case is great fun!"

Another view of Hoan Kiem Lake and the infamous "Tortoise Tower" (we already posted pics here). See page 2 for a pic of a preserved 550 lb tortoise.

These young boys were very friendly and had fun
practicing their English skills on us. They asked the typical questions; "Where you from?" and "How long you stay?"

Katie takin' a break from a long walk in
the hot and very humid weather

Many people here say that Katie & Sarah look alike;
it's either that or they think Katie's Vietnamese

Some of the beautiful paths in the park around the lake

The entrance to the bridge and temple

Once you cross over the bridge to the island with the temple (see pic on right), you come to this grand entrance with colorful pictures and chinese characters.

There's still more pictures!
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