1st Mother's Day
Mother's Day this year was such an incredible experience for me. A year ago, we had a referral for a little girl who we hadn't met yet and who lived on the other side of the world. This year, we have a beautiful daughter who is the joy of our lives. Kevin and Katie worked really hard to make my first Mother's Day a very special day for me and it certainly was! We had a lazy day of no obligations (which was a first in a long time) and Katie and Daddy got to finally give me the present that they had worked all week on. I now have a "bouquet" of Katie flowers that brighten up my kitchen, and they never need watering. My family is so precious to me!

Katie and Mama relaxing in bed before leaving for church

Katie was very excited to bring Mama her card

Katie drew Mama a pretty picture for her card

Daddy and Katie bringing out Mama's "Katie bouquet"

Mama loved her Katie bouquet that Daddy and Katie made

Summertime fun! Katie loves blowing bubbles in the water

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